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Chairman :

Mr. Rajeev Singh
Education, an area which can be considered as the building blocks of any society. It forms the root to build up and transform any form of values may it be ethical, social or religious.

Being representative of this society, we feel it is our responsibility to bring forth the basic needs, requirements and changes in the learning trends of today.

Mr. Rajiv Singh, The Chairman, of the school is a visionary person who feels his responsibility towards the society. Having a management background has served as an added asset for him to analyze things and come forth with a project for the society.

Mr. Singh feels children are like ball of clay whom we can mould and shape as we desire. Hence, a school is the best way through which we can instill these values and habits and dream for an ideal society in future.

Open Minds – A Birla School, Gaya is an effort to implement these visions. Mr . Singh, on his part had surveyed a variety of schools before coming up with the agendas which he would incorporate in his school.


Mr. Mritunjay Singh

Life is beautiful and every human being is striving to make it beautiful. The best contribution any human being can give to mankind is to do something for the society.
With a great vision of imparting education, this young entrepreneur had worked really hard and is still putting his efforts and ideas for Open Minds – A Birla School, Gaya.
Mr Mritunjay Singh, Director of Open Minds- A Birla School, Gaya is at a position, wherein he can extend his contribution to the society. A school according to him is not only a place to study but a place to learn, to innovate , to explore, to learn discipline, to respect our values, to get motivated and more than that a home away from home.
In today’s changing world, with the advancement of technology and with such cut throat competition, he often feels that the kids are at too much pressure of performance and because of this they are losing their childhood.
Open Minds, Gaya is his sincere efforts towards providing a quality, meaningful, secured and a comfortable educational platform to the future generation without suppressing the childhood innocence of the nation. It’s a platform with a well-crafted curriculum to match with the global standards and needs, integrated by the rich cultural values.
We know that under his supervision, the school and society will definitely be privileged.
He wishes all the students a happy, joyful and meaningful learning!